Our Testimonials

At Aryan Solutions, we are proud of our relationships and the work we have delivered for clients. Client and candidate feedback is feedback into our process, motivating us to adapt and continue working hard and smart, whilst also helping us tailor our services / re-align our focus. We are honored to have a vast array of clients ranging from Asia Pacific region, Australia & Canada and across the globe, allowing us to gain referred business due to our quality and commitment in what we do

Our clients empower us with trust, repeat business and referrals – encouraging us or even demanding that we grow our teams regionally and globally to take on more work.

We are extremely happy with the feedback we have received over the years, we are exceptionally happy to know that the work we do is valued in many ways.

A selection of some of our recent testimonials are below:

Client Testimonial

Top billion dollar SI rates Aryan Search as best supplier

Our business activities are conducted within a partnership-based model which focused on medium and long-term collaboration relationship built on trust, integrity and shared success. Aryan Search's genuine client and candidate care approach aligns perfectly with Dimension Data Asia Pacific culture.

Aryan Search has consistently impressed with the caliber of candidates that they have put forward and have remained highly responsible, resilient and professional on the job assignments that are given to the Consultants by Dimension Data Asia Pacific. The roles that they fulfilled in the Dimension Data are on contingent basis and are usually niche, hard to fill and require extensive headhunting often over the boundaries of Asia Pacific.

It's a great pleasure working with Vikram and his team. The team has been provided ongoing support in on-demand sourcing, contingency based sourcing for contract and regular placements.

It is delightful to work with Aryan Search's team that are extremely personable professionals who take pride in achieving the right long term outcome for both the candidate and client. The outcomes we have achieved are supported not only through the thorough understanding they have of our business and its culture as a result of genuine consideration given to both the client and candidate. From the moment Aryan Search is briefed of a role, candidate management and the offer process up to the candidate's commencing with the client and passing probationary period. Aryan Search has demonstrated a 'can-do' attitude and professional approach.

I will gladly address any enquiries further should you have any questions.

Yours faithfully

Suzie Top Billion Dollar SI
Received by Letter on 2014-09-01
Client Testimonial

Aryan Search has been instrumental in delivering success through their faster response time and unmatched quality. It has been very clear since start of our engagement that the team is well equipped with the knowledge of technology domain and has a keen eye on details. We were impressed with the overall pool of candidates that were presented to us in a timely manner even for a niche skill area. We would highly recommend Aryan Search as a recruitment partner.

Sandeep A Billion dollar Canadian MNC
Received by Email on 2013-12-04
Client Testimonial

I have had a long standing business relationship with Vikram Shervani of Aryan Search, spanning last 5 years and I have always been very impressed by their professionalism.

I have always received a professional, fast and efficient service. It is rare to find recruitment agencies great at screening candidates through innovative methods and at the same time keep the quality bar high.

I wish them all the very best and recommend their services to any size of organization - startups to enterprises.

Joshi Global Telco Provider
Received by Email on 2015-07-01
Client Testimonial

This is to confirm that, we have used the services of Aryan Search Pte. Ltd., on several occasions for our various recruitment needs, from time to time. They have provided us very efficient, timely and excellent quality of recruitment services to us.

We are a Swedish Multinational company, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, and operating in about 44 countries worldwide. Having a limited knowledge of the Asia Pacific Manpower and Human Resources market, we have relied on Aryan Search to recruit the right candidates for us.

They have advised on the best routes to candidates and provided us with an excellent short list of candidates that closely matched our requirements. The speed at which they deliver is very impressive. Not only is Aryan Search’s team thoroughly professional and dedicated to getting the best result for their clients but they also have the right balance of persistence with human compassion which is found wanting in many other recruitment agencies.

I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Dhananjay Swedish MNC
Received by Letter on 2015-07-24
Client Testimonial

It is usually very difficult to find a good Business Partner in terms of Recruitment and Aryan Search have consistently shown professionalism, proactiveness, good customer service & high level integrity since we started working with them. They have been consistent in their approach and have always successfully assisted us in finding the right candidate. We have always been impressed by their ability to supply us with strong candidates for ‘hard to fill’ roles.

Beth UK based SI Company
Received by Letter on 2013-07-25
Client Testimonial

Hi Vikram- I would like to take this opportunity to commend your firm on the great support you have been providing us. In a challenging labour market, you and your team have done a fantastic job in identifying potential candidates for various of our IT, Digital, Sales and Marketing positions.

I particularly appreciate your level of ownership in the process in seeing through candidates from start to finish.

I look forward to your continued support to meet the our Talent Acquisition challenges.

Ashish Global Telco Provider
Received by Email on 2013-09-18
Client Testimonial

Customer centricity and issue resolution is why we chose to work with Aryan Search. Pleasant, systematic and result focused, their efforts helped to meet recruitment targets .

I’m more than happy to recommend Aryan Search to any business about to venture down the path of recruitments.

Mahesh Billion dollar IT Consulting MNC
Received by Letter on 2013-07-24
Client Testimonial

Aryan Search really stands out as being one of the best recruitment partners that I have worked with in the Region. This is an increasingly competitive market and recruitment agencies need to empathize more with the requirements of the employing organizations. This should be prioritized over agency sales targets.

Aryan Search seems to want to help with our staffing problems rather than simply achieve sales targets. Aryan Search have really taken the time to understand our business, and as a result have been able to provide us with candidates who perfectly meet our requirements, often at very short notice. This has helped us to save time, effort & money.

Their quality and the speed at which they turnaround things sets them apart from others. They offer a very personalized approach to all our recruitment assignments.

I look forward to a continued positive working relationship.

Cyril US Gaming Multi-Million Dollar Company
Received by Letter on 2013-09-23
Client Testimonial

I have been collaborating and working with Princess since 2010.

She has the drives to search for the right profiles and has reached out to the individual to understand and source for the right match of the candidate.

I am very impressed with the candidates who have joined us. They have the right mindset and attitude to their deliverables.
Customers are very pleased with their performance and it was a “Total Customer Experience” for us.

As a service provider to our clients, Princess has demonstrated high professionalism in handling challenging requests and situations.

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with Princess, I would say that they are missing great opportunities and losing good potential candidates.

Mr. Leong World Leading Innovation & Powerhouse in Cloud & Storage Solutions
Received by Email on 2015-08-14
Client Testimonial

Agile, efficient and professional are the words that I can describe AryanSearch's services with. I was a prospective candidate when Brett got me from the LinkedIn. The Explanation of position, understanding about me and my expectations from a job, were all done accurately by Brett and eventually, I got an interview chance.

The entire process of recruitment took not more that 2 weeks, which is pretty impressive especially for Sr. Management positions and I landed into the job :).
It didn't stop there as I started to wear a client's hat and since AryanSearch is a preferred vendor for my organisation, I am now liaising with both Brett and Vikram and am really amazed by their professionalism with a friendly touch. They take all possible steps to understand our requirements and then send us close matching profiles after conducting a thorough screening process, even if its a bit delayed.
Its like a no-frills Recruitment agency / Head hunter that's very easy to work with as long as we know what we want and put that to them, straight.

I wish AryanSearch all the very best in this service of bringing the Companies and the Candidates, together."

Kind Regards,

Mr. Subramani Multimedia Conglomerate Achieving Supersonic Growth
Received by Email on 2015-10-23
Client Testimonial

Princess has been very responsive to my requests. Once she was given my requirement, she will verify and refine the requirements with me before she start the sourcing. And, after working with me for a few successful placements, she is getting better in understanding my requirement on some of the intangible aspect of the candidates that I am looking for.

Compare to other recruitment agencies, she is able to turn around fairly quickly on my hiring requests, usually within a week, with relevant and qualified candidates. Princess gives an impression that she is continuously working on my requests and will deliver her promise on her committed timeline.

Tee Kian World Leading Innovation & Powerhouse in Cloud & Storage Solutions
Received by Email on 2015-08-05
Client Testimonial

I have been working with Vikram, Aryan Search for about 3 years and their services has always been par excellence. Their understanding of our business needs and culture of the organization enables them to provide us with high caliber applicants. They have always been successful in timely delivery.

I personally recommend Vikram and him team as Professional Acquisition Leaders!

Mr. Dayal A billion dollar Infra System Integrator
Received by Email on 2016-02-10
Client Testimonial

Aryan Consulting Services provided us with an ODS services. They were efficient in running through the process – building pipeline, following up for reviews, interview arrangement, background checks. Candidates sent seems to be matching our requirements, and our requirements can be quite detailed. Even when we were hit with the COVID-19 situation, they were fast enough to pivot processes, even when both our offices are on lockdowns. We’re considering to engage Aryan either in the future, or on a longer term.

Nor Izzuddin Shah Financial Company
Received by Email on 2020-04-08
Candidate Testimonial

I am grateful to Aryan Search who has helped me secure a role in Singapore in Oct 2013. Their consultants take extra efforts explain the opportunities and help assessed if I am fit the requirement. They then presented my profile to the potential employer and coordinate all interviews till on-boarding.

I currently still am working in this company.

Thomas Billion Dollar MNC
Received by Email on 2015-08-31
Candidate Testimonial

Varun from Aryan Search was Responsive and able to give me the confidence accepting this contract based offer. Able to give good advice and suggestion on the package offered.

Thank you!

Dew A billion dollar Telecom Company
Received by Email on 2015-10-21
Candidate Testimonial

From the time I contacted Aryan Search from Switzerland for an interesting position in Singapore 2 years ago through to first interview to offer letter 6 months later. Vikram and team made the whole experience very smooth by being proactive and very professional while also focusing on the personal aspects.

Even though not in the mandate, the team took time to give very useful and practical advice on apartment lease and telecoms contracts. Which speeded up settling in process.

Parimal A billion dollar DI company
Received by Letter on 2015-10-18
Candidate Testimonial

Aryan Search helped me in end to end recruitment process right from understanding my profile, my experience and strengths then arranging interview with the client in Singapore, helping in visa process i.e. Employment visa and relocating to Singapore. I was based in Malaysia and for getting this excellent opportunity as per my requirements in Singapore, I give credits to Aryan Search and Vikram for supporting me throughout. Aryan Search is very professional and friendly recruitment company and they are different from other recruitment companies in understanding and learning about a candidate's profile and helping them to get a relevant job with a reputed client.

Yesha A billion dollar Telecom Company
Received by Email on 2015-10-20
Candidate Testimonial

It was nice to be part of Aryan. Appreciate their quick responses for any queries and always approachable.

ShanmugaSundaram A billion dollar Telecom company
Received by Email on 2015-10-05
Candidate Testimonial

"Vikram has always been attentive and responsibe to queries/emails/calls from candidates. Wish Aryan Search all the best in the future". thks

Mr. Chua A billion dollar Telecom company
Received by Email on
Candidate Testimonial

I'll take this opportunity to commend and thanks Vikram of Aryan Search for their wonderful help and support to have a career in a prestigious Telco in Singapore.
Vikram is quite very supportive, helpful and is one of the career agents that will go an extra mile to lead you on your career path.

Alfredo Global Telco Provider
Received by Email on 2015-08-05
Candidate Testimonial

They are the most professional, efficient and customer focused recruitment agency that I have dealt with

I have been dealing with Aryan Search and particularly my consultant, Vikram Shervani for approx. 2 months. They are the most professional, efficient and customer focused recruitment agency that I have dealt with during my career. Vikram diligence and personal approach help me to secure my new position at a billion dollar SI company. Vikram immediately identified the key criteria I was looking for in my next role. He placed me according to my ability and potential rather than in similar positions I had held in the past… I feel incredibly lucky to have the support of Vikram and the Team at Aryan search behind me and it is amazing to work with an agency that genuinely wants you to succeed in any career you choose.

Pritesh Billion Dollar MNC
Received by Email on 2015-07-01
Candidate Testimonial

Supportive until the end

I had a fantastic experience with Aryan Search as my headhunter. They are very professional, result-oriented and pro-active. They are very supportive from the initial stage of my application up to the time I landed in my new job.

Lillian Swiss Billion Dollar MNC
Received by Letter on 2015-07-02
Candidate Testimonial

I am glad to inform that Aryan Search consultants are very good at finding best and suitable client. The way they approached was the best, explained me about the role, client, project and future growth path. I have now got job at one of the telecom company and it is good environment to work and learn. There services make me happy and find good working environment to go on my career path. Thanks for their effort and there team.

Tun Global Telco Provider
Received by Letter on 2015-07-27
Candidate Testimonial

It was a great experience working with Vikram from Aryan Search to end up in my current job & it was a wonderful learning curve as he led me through the interview process in an outstanding manner. His attention to even the minute of the details was mind-blowing & he didn't leave a single stone unturned to help me land in this job! Will be looking forward to work with him again in future!

Vijay Loyality Giant
Received by Email on 2015-08-06
Candidate Testimonial

It's such an easy process with Aryan Search specially Mr. Vikram as a very diligent and professional and extremely competent consultant who helped me find the right position of work and identified the key criteria not only on the present role but also on the next role.

Mark UK Based MNC
Received by Email on 2015-08-05
Candidate Testimonial

Varun was responsive and got back within 1 week, including the status of the interview and feedback. Aryan team works fast and provides feedback to correct errors in interviews.

Dylan Global Telecom Giant
Received by Email on 2015-08-05
Candidate Testimonial

Aryan Search and Vikram Shervani helped me with my job application when I seek employment to Singapore and did wonderful work in endorsing and pursuing the client to have me because Aryan Search knew of my credentials and experiences matched the job requirements. I was so thankful and grateful for the superb assistance. Honestly speaking without your help I may have not experienced working outside of my country. I would definitely recommend to those seeking job and looking for better employment, look no further Aryan Search and Vikram Shervani is the one who could help you.

Fatima Billion Dollar MNC
Received by Email on 2015-08-06
Candidate Testimonial

Aryan Search was the excellent recruitment agency with prompt response. It was a great pleasure to work together with Vikram Shervani. He was so committed and honest as he knew the client requirement and explained the job description prior to process my profile with client. All along that paved the way to succeed the multiple level of recruitment process. He has updated the status throughout the entire process and also made it happen within a short time without any overlap. Indeed, Vikram was both professional and proficient but also approachable and personable.

Look forward to working with him again in the future.

Venkat Loyality Giant
Received by Email on 2015-08-10
Candidate Testimonial

I have found Aryan Search to be one of the most innovative, forward thinking recruitment agencies that I have dealt with and I certainly view them as market leaders from this perspective.

Not only do they think outside the square and constantly think about how they could do things better or in a more creative way for clients, they also focus a tremendous amount on candidates.

Ashish Private Bank
Received by Email on 2015-08-27
Candidate Testimonial

My view of Aryan Search is filled with professional praises for the guidance and help which they have provided during my job switch.

I like to particularly appreciate the professional commitment and work ethic of Vikram and Varun, whom I engaged very closely with during the course of my last professional transition.

As a consultant they are quite proficient in providing in-depth understanding of how you as professional can leverage your skill and profile in order to align with the suitable industry demands and market requirements.

I wish them all the best for future endeavors and journey

Ousaid Private Bank
Received by Letter on 2015-08-20
Candidate Testimonial

The recruitment service I received from Varun (Aryan Search) was fantastic. He was always willing to help, and always kept me well informed. They quickly found me a job of PMO with my current company. It is a fantastic job and I am highly grateful to Aryan Search for helping me land into correct job.

The consultant (Varun) took me through an in depth interview to see if my skills would match up with what is expected /required by the company He called me every day to ensure I was kept informed and what progress he was making with the client. Very quickly he secured me with an interview and was on hand to guide and support me through. A big Thank you from bottom of my heart for landing me into the job that suited my skills.

Thank you!

Nidhi Leading Bank
Received by Letter on 2015-10-22
Candidate Testimonial

Efficient and Professional

During my job hunt in Singapore, I interacted with many ‘Job Consultants’ but my experience with Aryan Search was very unique. Aryan Search has a right mix of expertise and experience which comes really handy for someone new in the job market in this country. Working with Vikram Shervani was a pleasure and he made sure he kept me well informed at every stage of the process. He is efficient, approachable and makes sure he gives right advises based on the needs and situations.

I wish Aryan Search and Vikram great success ahead!

Pallavi A billion dollar Media company
Received by Email on 2015-10-29
Candidate Testimonial

I am quite impressed that Ritesh (Aryan Search) does everything he can to support candidates like me; and I think he is great, thus there's nothing he needs to improve on.

Rayne A billion dollar software consultancy
Received by Email on 2015-11-14
Candidate Testimonial

I want to take this opportunity to appreciate Princess who is my recruiter to help me to find this job. I would like to thanks for her efforts first listening to me in our very first call with so much detail, understand my profile & expertise and try to look the possible opportunity for me.

Next thing she did great is the followup with client for me and consistently updating me as well. That's major thing, even she don't have update for me from the client, she still communicate and reply.

I have seen first time such recruiter who is so interested to listen candidate rather than just try to place the candidate for earning opportunity. Regarding improvement part I believe they should try to help negotiate more towards the candidate considering the current position.

I wish Aryan Search and specially Princess for her future endeavors as well as expect to remain in contact even though her job get finished for me. :)

Div Prakash A billion dollar Telecom company
Received by Email on 2015-12-08
Candidate Testimonial

Not just a recruitment agency - A Hard Working Team & Kind Friends

For Brett, Vikram & Aryan Search team,

Few months back my resume was in market and I was hunting for new job. I was facing a mid-career crisis :-), I worked in a niche technical domain for too long. I was little perplexed with job opportunities falling short my expectations either role, location or compensation. I was looking for a holistic opportunity that suits my profile, challenges me and provides fair compensation.

Brett contacted me to check for an opportunity in a Telecom firm, that call was like a 40 min interview itself. But during later discussions, I was impressed by the research Brett and his team had done on the client organization, the job role and surrounding projects. The role was good match for my expectations and pivotal decision but yes, interviewing against best in industry was going to be tough. Over next few telephonic discussions, Aryan Search team shared with me all the relevant information I needed as a candidate to succeed. During the recruitment process, Brett and Vikram meticulously arranged all interviews, prepped me with interviewers profile and expectations, helped me through all required formalities. All the ground work, we did before interviews paid off as I was able to secure this opportunity. For my case, unfortunately the formalities took frustratingly long but Aryan Search team was very supportive and encouraging through the process..

During my job search, I visited team’s office. They are courteous and engaged in meaningful discussions beyond job search like industry trends, HR policies across organizations, work life balance, etc. I was happy to learn from them and felt like part of their team. After starting my job, I got busy and can sparsely talk to guys but I’m sure, I can rely on them for future opportunities and for recommendation of good candidates. Now I have great job and good friends too which I call a true success.

With Many Thanks,

Amar A billion dollar Telecom company
Received by Email on 2015-12-02
Candidate Testimonial

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Aryan Search, and in particular to Mr. Brett Dawkins, for helping me secure a new role in the financial sector in Singapore. Brett is very well networked in some of the niche areas of the financial software development industry, and that gives him the rare ability of being able to match a unique set of skills with a unique set of job requirements. On top of that, he is extremely supportive during the hiring process, providing guidance, advice, and his very effective negotiation skills in order to secure a good package. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Brett and, should the need arise, he would be my first choice as a recruitment consultant.

Razvan Top Tier Financial Institution
Received by Letter on 2015-11-30
Candidate Testimonial

I worked with Brett from Aryan Search on a fast-paced opportunity in a span of 1 month, from contact to offer. Brett was on the ball of keeping me updated of all relevant details including interviewers, which helped my preparation better. He also negotiated for a fair compensation according to my skill sets and responsibilities and not what the corporate rank and file decides. I probably might have not done the same if I did so myself. This is my fast time engaging a recruitment consultancy and I am pleased by the experience. Will be happy to work with Brett, or recommended him to anyone in particular.

Steve A billion dollar Telecom company
Received by Email on 2015-11-02
Candidate Testimonial

Princess from Aryan Search is very patient and good in follow-up. She'll give you interview tips and suggestions to ensure you are ready for d-day. She's very thorough with documentations. Best of all she will always protect your interest. I highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for a new job.

Jin Zhang A billion dollar telecom company
Received by Email on 2015-12-12
Candidate Testimonial

It was amazing to get job via Aryan Search Pte Ltd. From day one there were no gaps in the processes and I never wasted any of my time until I got recruited. Status of my application was transparent all the time, which didn't happen with me while working with other consultancies before. Interviews were scheduled very smoothly and I was updated immediately about the results. Special thanks to Mr. Varun for helping me to get an excellent and very suitable job.

Shahid Pioneer of Gaming Eco Systems
Received by Email on 2016-01-02
Candidate Testimonial

Aryan Search helped me get a job of my Choice in matter of days. Every aspect of my needs was taken care of without my first asking.

I got regular briefings on what to expect next and never left groping in the dark.

The Two Personnel Vikram and Varun were always available when I need them and gave a personal touch and constantly monitored the progress.

They also enjoyed a great rapport with the Employer which is proof that they take Customer Relations very seriously and are well received by the there Customers in the Corporate end and the Individual Level at the Prospective Employee end.

All Prospective Employment Seekers are in very safe hands and great Service.

Chetan Multimedia Conglomerate Achieving Supersonic Growth
Received by Email on 2016-02-02
Candidate Testimonial

I have worked with many consultants but Aryan Search stands out from the rest with their personalized approach and placing the folks in accordance with their passion and skill set.

They have been instrumental in achieving my career goals and to get a job that matched my expectations in terms of salary and benefits package.

I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Thayub Multimedia Conglomerate Achieving Supersonic Growth
Received by Letter on 2016-02-02
Candidate Testimonial

I like to thanks Ritesh Srivastava for constantly keeping in touch with me during the whole process. He is truly a great responsible and dedicated guy. Very supportive and gives guidance on how to do well in interviews and communicate well and make you feel warm and welcome.

I am very grateful to Aryan Search Pte Ltd for the way they handle and securing the job for me. They are different from other Agency as they are very dedicated, efficient, fast ,reliable and professional to assist you all the way until the Finish.

Well done and I will introduce my friends to them.

Richard A billion dollar SI company
Received by Email on 2016-02-02
Candidate Testimonial

WIth Aryan Search and Varun first time I experienced a different approach of hiring. There was no hurry and clear communication at each step. He has guided me on each step, kept me updated so as to avoid any surprises. He also gone out of the way to help me move easily from India to Singapore. With Aryan Search I guess as a candidate you get liberty to ask anything and get clarity, they treat Employee and Employer both as client which is not true everywhere.

Vivek Multimedia Conglomerate
Received by Email on 2016-02-05
Candidate Testimonial

I am glad to work with Aryan Search and Vikram as it is an experienced agency and capable of handling all the necessary aspects of the recruitment process. The Consultant’s professional approach, timely guidance and support made it much easier for my employment experience much pleasure-full. I would also like to thank the Consultancy for helping me find necessary services on time (for example to obtain all the necessary documentation whenever needed and have it approved in a short time), as well as for other related services for our organisation. Vikram has been with a personal touch in handling resources and bridging employee requirements with the company.

R Srinivassane A billion dollar Telecom Giant
Received by Email on 2016-02-11
Candidate Testimonial

Joining of Aryan Search is great because the consultant is very dedicated, he has demonstrated professionalism, commitment and excellent service that suit

I truly appreciate the quick turnaround time on the paper work and engagement with their client which is the company where I am working now.

After starting my job which applied through Aryan Search, the consultant has regularly call me and check on how I am getting on and dealing with any concerns I have immediately. I feel very lucky to have the consultant’s support as he genuinely wants me to progress and succeed in any career I choose.

I would strongly recommend potential candidates to look for such a passionate, knowledgeable and talented recruiter as Aryan Search.

Sook Lin A billion dollar Telecom Giant
Received by Email on 2016-02-12
Candidate Testimonial

I would like to write a personal note to thank Aryan Search for all the help and guidance that had rendered to me to secure my new job which was a perfect match for my career and ambitions but also my personality. Truly dedicated professional and excellent service. Vikram, Princess and team was proactive and insightful and provided me with the right opportunity to consider during my search. She took the time to answer all queries and was attentive and accessible throughout the recruitment process. Thanks once again and I look forward to working with Aryan Search.

Nupur System Integrator
Received by Letter on 2016-02-12
Candidate Testimonial

Aryan Research very helpful when it comes handling the recruitment process. Princess is very friendly and handling the recruitment process in a professional manner. She also gave me some tips prior to the interview schedule. Vikram is also very accommodating the time I went to your office in Paya Lebar. More power to Aryan Research and more clients to come!

Mr. Aguila A billion dollar SI
Received by Email on 2016-02-13
Candidate Testimonial

Through their personal approach, professionalism and industry knowledge both Varun and Vikram have been instrumental in my successful application for my current role. In my experience their efforts have gone above and beyond from what you normally expect from a recruitment agency. They make sure that they fully understand your career objectives, skill set and experience and align this with the expectations of the hiring manager. This results in a smooth and trouble free recruitment process. I will not hesitate to recommend Aryan Search to any of my friends or business contacts.

Corne van Dijk A billion dollar SI
Received by Email on 2016-02-18
Candidate Testimonial

Aryan Search is a very good institution with highly professional and cooperative recruitment professionals. They helped me a lot escpacially Varun. I didn't need to worry about anything related to my appointment while I worked with him. I highly recommend himself and really thankful to him.

Sajid A Billion Dollar Gaming Company
Received by Letter on 2016-02-20
Candidate Testimonial

My experience with Aryan Search has been pleasant. It is a sincere recruitment firm which had helped me during my journey in job searching. Negotiation with the company was carried out by Aryan Search on behalf of me for better contract terms. I got my pay on time and it is flexible to allow expense claim to be submitted online.

Shing Dih A billion dollar Telecom Giant
Received by Email on 2016-02-21
Candidate Testimonial

First time in my life I have seen such hunger in a person .. What ever Varun committed as a recruiter he delivered affront and before the time ...

A K Yadav Media Company
Received by Email on 2016-02-25
Candidate Testimonial

Vikram is a very detailed and professional consultant who pays attention to both the employer and candidates' needs. He was very sharp at identifying key strengths in my profile to match with the job requirements. When asked, he gives good advice on how to write and format the resume in general. Unlike other recruiters who are sales driven, I was impressed that he encouraged me to explore my other pending opportunities instead of pushing me to accept the job offer. In this regard, I find that he is a very sincere person to work with.

Jake A billion dollar Multimedia company
Received by Email on 2016-05-11
Candidate Testimonial

Aryan Search was excellent right from scheduling interview, follow ups negotiations and offer generation with the client in my case. Reena is a great recruiter who made the overall recruitment process easy and clear.Thanks for all the hard work.

Shikha A billion dollar software company
Received by Email on 2016-07-05
Candidate Testimonial

Totally unique experience of connecting to the client well before the employment started; promptness in detailing the instructions as and when needed and very professional and positive outlook towards the new joinee employees as well. Keep up, Aryan Search team and I am sure greater heights you will reach with this unique approach.

Mathura A billion dollar software company
Received by Email on 2016-07-05
Candidate Testimonial

I am pleased to write this recommendation for Ms. Shalini Srivastava. Shalini is the best recruiter that I have ever met! She helped me get a job within 2 weeks of my first meeting with her.

She provided me with resources that helped gain a greater insight into the area I wanted to go into. Which in turn made the interview easier as I knew a lot about the job I was applying for. When you work with Shalini you also have her personal number which makes it easy for you to communicate with her and She only puts you forward for roles you are suitable for.

From initial contact until she successfully placed me into a my expected Role in Singapore, she consistently supported me in all aspect.

She went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews and provided an approachable but professional service.

I found Shalini and her company very professional and helpful and look forward to talking with her in the future. Highly recommended!!

I will be happy to provide further information, if required.


Sanjay French Bank
Received by Email on 2016-07-07
Candidate Testimonial

I'm glad to work with Aryan Search and Varun who kind of supportive guy in whole hiring process. I have worked with many consultants but Varun is the best.

He has been instrumental in achieving my career goals and to get a job that matched my expectations in terms of salary and benefits package.
After starting my job, I got busy and can sparsely talk to him but I’m sure, I can rely on him for future opportunities and for recommendation of good candidates.

Nguyen A billion dollar Multimedia company
Received by Email on 2016-07-08
Candidate Testimonial

I am privileged to work with Aryan Search Pte. Ltd and I liked the way Vikram / Reena response to the queries at any point of time. Hope to have a long association with them.


Sr. SAP Consultant

Jayavardhan A billion dollar MNC
Received by Email on 2016-07-18
Candidate Testimonial

I have known Vikram Shervani for nearly 6 years, since the days of my initial exploration of job opportunities in Singapore.

As my recruitment consultant, Vikram was instrumental in me landing a job that matched well with my core skillsets. He made sure that pre- and post- interview follow-ups were timely, reassuring and helpful.

Like most people, I had several questions around relocation (and even local taxation!) and I am thankful to Vikram for the advice and tips he offered during my initial months in Singapore.

I wholeheartedly recommend Vikram to anyone who is looking for a head-hunter/ recruiter.

Sudheer An Investment Bank
Received by Email on 2016-09-01
Candidate Testimonial

Aryan Search Pte Ltd was very professional to work with. They were helpful with the questions that I had and guided me through the process of the recruitment. They gave advices and provided follow ups. Thanks.

Elenita C. Banking Client
Received by Email on 2017-11-28
Candidate Testimonial

Aryan Search has been very professional in the way they recruit. The way they match the applicant with the job profile appropriately says all about their experience in recruitment and brings about a lot of trust.

Vikram Shervani, who was my consultant has been extremely helpful, efficient and quick in the way he responds.

The above qualities makes Aryan Search and Vikram stand out from the other recruiters.

Sangeetha d/o Govindasamy SI company
Received by Email on 2016-12-29
Candidate Testimonial

Aryan Search specifically Vikram has been rely helpful with me. He is always prompt, professional and always takes care of the candidates. He makes sure that we are given the right opportunity and properly assess the skills and job needs. I have been applying a lot of companies and so far Vikram really stands out. I would really commend Vikram specially in his communication and negotiation skills. He is really clear and gives out all his efforts once you have a position to fill. I would say that this is how a recruitment company should work, unlike with some other companies who are following a standard template and does not really understands the job needed. More power to Aryan Search and Vikram. Hope that recruiters would be like him in the future.

Kullen Banking client
Received by Email on 2016-12-29
Candidate Testimonial

It was a great pleasure to work with Aryan Search, especially Vikram Shervani. Throughout the engagement Vikram was extremely supportive and demonstrated great professionalism likewise built an amicable and friendly engagement. He kept the communications regular and provided timely updates throughout the hiring process. He kept the interactions transparent and was always willing to take inputs and feedback.

I sincerely appreciate the engagement with Vikram and recommend Aryan Search for my fellow mates and acquaintances.

Rekha Banking Client
Received by Email on 2017-04-10
Candidate Testimonial

I have had the opportunity to engage the services of Shalini from Aryan Search for my recent job change. Shalini brings with her a wealth of expert knowledge coupled with a high degree of emotional intelligence. She has been extremely professional and responsible for the follow ups with the client. The greatest quality I found is her patience. She had been extremely calm and focused for my recruitment process. She was always quick to respond to recruitment needs. I consider her to be a trusted advisor and I highly recommend Shalini and her firm.

Ankur French Bank
Received by Email on 2016-08-03
Candidate Testimonial

Shalini, I really appreciate your assistance, advice, and efficiency in helping me find and apply for my current position. She was very organized and prompt to respond to recruitment needs. Throughout the whole process she was conscientious about her work, communicates often with the client, provides relevant information, and make sure every step of the process is smooth and efficient and has been extremely professional and responsible for the follow ups with the client. I would highly recommend Shalini and her firm Aryan Search.

Jatin Banking Client
Received by Email on 2016-11-28
Candidate Testimonial

Shalini, Aryan Search was very helpful and cooperative during the process of recruitment where I got to know her. She is a focused professional who knows how to deal with challenges in her work areas and channelize the available inputs towards the outcome. I am sure she will be successful wherever she goes during her professional career.

Vikrant Banking Client
Received by Email on 2016-12-08
Candidate Testimonial

Shalini from Aryan Search was a great recruiter all through the process of hiring. I really loved the way she provided updates and proactively approached me with all the updates. The communication and dedication was best until the job role goal was achieved. I would thank Shalini and her firm for the excellent work.

Gurpreet Banking Client
Received by Email on 2017-04-24
Candidate Testimonial

For this role, I have worked closely with Aryan Search for about 6 weeks over 4 interviews. One with Aryan Search (Mr Vikram) and 3 other interviews with my current employer.

Working with Aryan Search is very pleasant. Aryan Search takes the effort to explain the JD. Vikram being the consultant goes the extra mile and time to explain in finer details of the job description. This give the candidate some ideas of the required preparatory works before the interview.

In summary, I will not hesitate to endorse and recommend to any prospective clients to look for Aryan Search for scouting talents for the organisation.

Last but not least, I want to say my appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Mr Vikram for the good cooperation we had in the past 6 weeks.

Many thanks.

Eric French MNC
Received by Email on 2017-10-02
Candidate Testimonial

Aryan Search helped me find a job of my dreams. Vikram and Varun were very helpful and were very clear in regards to my requirements for Cloud Engineer and VMware Technologies.

Jitin Investment Bank
Received by Email on 2017-10-11
Candidate Testimonial

Varun and Vikram has been helpful to smoothen the process to get placement in this firm. Good Company and staff. Keep it up.

Ehsan Electronic & Post Trade Company
Received by Email on 2018-01-10
Candidate Testimonial

I am very pleased to provide this recommendation for Varun Pradap Singh from Aryan Search. I have been consistently impressed with his attitude since the first day he contacted me for a position in Software development. During the time that he has helped me with the recruitment process, I found Varun is very friendly, intelligent and hard-working. Seeing that I was moving to Singapore to start this new job, Varun was really interested and available to help me with everything to start the new job. I definitely recommend Varun as a one the best Consultant. I am sure that his efficiency will help other candidates to find a good job and also to have this important support that I had.

Karthik US Gaming Multi-Million Dollar Company
Received by Email on 2018-01-15
Candidate Testimonial

I'd like to extend my sincere gratitude to Aryan Search team for the support and assistance throughout the recruitment process. Varun is very friendly and helpful, always goes an extra mile to check if I need any help or if I've any queries. I appreciate his valuable assistance and would highly recommend to my network if they want a highly professional and detail-oriented Recruitment Consultant.

K. Joshi US Gaming Multi-Million Dollar Company
Received by Email on 2018-01-16
Candidate Testimonial

I would like to give special thanks to Vikram and Ankita from the Aryan Search team for the valuable assistance they have given during my job search and for helping me to secure a good employment offer quickly.

Received by Email on 2018-02-08
Candidate Testimonial

“Aryan Search is not your typical recruitment agency that purely acts as an intermediary between the candidate and hiring company. It has a great team that puts in tremendous effort to ensure that a candidate brings out his/her best in the interview process. There are very few professionals in this industry who bring competence to the table with the mix of very positive attitude and an extremely friendly demeanour. Amy is certainly one of them. I have been consistently impressed with Amy’s attitude since the first day she contacted me for a position in IT industry. Through the whole process she was polite, professional and pleasant! Amy was always there for question/updates and would respond quickly. She has made the recruiting process fantastic.Even after I started work, She followed up to ensure that I was settling down well and I must say I was greatly impressed by her personal touch.”

Mohammed Masood Loyalty, Campaign US MNC
Received by Email on 2018-02-21
Candidate Testimonial

Aryan Search Pte Ltd helped me in finding out the apt requirement which fits my varied skills in the IT industry. Samar Bhalla, the executive who had handled my candidature is a very professional and a rounded person. His transparency in communication and time management were impeccable. His attitude, understanding of the requirement and conveying the right message without adding any unwanted info are some notable highlights. Even Vikram, the Senior Partner (Put his right designation here) is a very helpful person, who took special care of my requirements. Overall, I find Aryan Search as a reliable organization where business relationships can be built not just for time being, but for a long period of time which is beneficial to all the involved stakeholders

Ram Kumar S A billion dollar SI
Received by Email on 2018-04-20
Candidate Testimonial

This is Kondal. I was the employee of Aryan Search. Aryan Search is a good company which provides best services. I was very satisfied with Aryan Search. Aryan search which provides good features to their employees and pays the salary on time without delay. Aryan search provides more support to their employees to achieve employees goals. Thanks

Edukondalu Uppathalla Part of Pega Project Team @ Aryan Search
Received by Email on 2018-10-04
Candidate Testimonial

Its a great working experience in aryan solutions. The team is very cooperative.
I got a chance to enhance my skills and knowledge here.

B. Prasamsa Billion Dollar SI
Received by Email on 2020-03-18
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