Staff Augmentation

Aryan Search One of the biggest challenges for any talent acquisition team is to save recruitment cost. Companies prefer to set up their internal talent team with a notion of saving cost. They spend money on permanent recruiters, job boards, networking portals, events etc. They don’t prefer going to external recruitment partners as due to higher fees structures. There are times when the internal talent acquisition teams are required to react to the business needs but fail to have capacity and resources to deliver – specifically hiring due to an urgent project, spikes in demand or other circumstances that lead to a resource shortage. The business may not have the funding to use external recruitment firms, nor the time to take on an RPO process, or expand the internal talent resourcing team, as this typically requires a large amount of effort in all cases. The client simply needs short term specialist help and security that they can handle the workload without dramatically increasing the cost to hire / time to hire. Call us for more information on +65 6708 7429
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