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Banking Team
Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech, RiskTech and Payments


Banking TeamThe banking team is responsible for Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech, RiskTech and Payments across the clients that Aryan Solutions works with. We can be reached on
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MICROSOFT BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE run Support L2 is required in Singapore

Salary 72000 - 99600 SGD
Number of positions to fill : 1
Reference number : 8578

Employment terms
Length of employment
Long Term Renewable Contract
Employment date
Years exp required
4-5 Years
Subject matter expert on technologies MSBI with In depth hands on knowledge/experience on system Windows and MSSQL , Microsoft SQL SSAS, Microsoft SQL SSIS, Microsoft SQL SSRS, & Microsoft SQL DB Engine.



  • assigns technical tasks and manages delegation for technical issues,

  • animates the team to encourage collaboration and sharing of best practices,

  • has a role in supporting technical skills development and provides training when required,

  • supports new technologies and leverages them to provide consistency of service across streams,

  • documents, reviews, maintains and shares relevant technical information to the team

  • provides technical direction, supports services both proactively and re-actively to maintain the availability and reliability of system infrastructure in accordance to the SLA,

  • focuses on automation and optimum use of the team to improve efficiency,

  • drives and delivers root cause for any high severity issue,

  • reviews technology changes to identify potential risks,

  • is responsible for problem management and resolution

As a professional in MSBI  one needs to:

 Setup & Installation

o Install and test SSIS Instance

o Install and test SSAS Instance

o Install, configure and test SSRS Instance

o Install and test SCOM agents on BI Server

o Configure Monitoring

 Patch Management

o Applying CU, SP, HF on BI Components

 Monitoring

o Check & Resolve errors

o Backup of components

- Cubes

- DTSX Files(SSIS)

- SSRS Keys

 Monthly metric reporting

o Storage & Memory for SSAS Multidimensional Instances

o Storage & Memory for SSAS Tabular Instances

o Storage & Memory for SSAS Tabular Instances

o Scheduling of SSIS package execution based CTRL-M

 Perform applicative deliveries on BI Platform

o Perform Delivery on ASSEMBLY (automated operation by CTRL-M)

o Perform Delivery on PRE-PROD (manual operation)

o Perform Delivery on PROD (manual operation)

 Define Contol-M Jobs

o Create & Configure ControlM Job for SSIS package Execution

 Troubleshooting

o Troubleshoot issue on performance > First level of assessment

o Troubleshoot issue with MOE > Second level of assessment

o Work with DBA for DB optimization (STG, DWH, DMT)

o Identify Resources consuming queries

 Optimization

o Optimize Instance settings

 Perform Migration

o Organize Software Upgrade & Migration

 is involved in Middleware Standardization

 is involved in Capacity Planning

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