Evo AI - Powering your recruitment needs

We have built a world class system, free for recruiters & hiring managers to use - to automate, eliminate dead time and to support a full recruitment lifecycle.

Our platform is multi-tenant, hosted in the cloud and can be easily set up for new recruitment firms or clients to use within a matter of seconds. We have everything automated for entire workflow, with tools that can save you time - a typical user on our platform saves between 2-6 hours a day - removing the time spent doing repetitive tasks, and allowing more time to build relationships. We know recruiters can be lazy, but our system thinks like the lazy recruiter - we want everything to be done with the least amount of time. When you see what time you can save and how fast you can churn through the business - you will be amazed!

  • Standard
  • Free
  • Upto 5 users in the same company can use the platform for free
  • Multi-tenant shared database
  • CV parser limit 100 per day
  • Job poster 100 per day
  • 5GB Storage
  • Basic plugins (Integrated for Linkedin, Monster, Naukri etc for Chrome, Firefox
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  • Basic
  • $500/month
  • Upto 25 users in the same company can use the platform for free
  • Private database
  • CV parser 1000 per day
  • Job poster 1000 per day
  • 50GB Storage
  • Advanced plugin (Linkedin, Monster, Naukri etc for Outlook, Thunderbird, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Register
  • Pro
  • Call us
  • Unlimited users
  • Private cloud
  • CV parser unlimited (batch import also)
  • Job poster unlimited
  • 200GB Storage
  • Professional plugin (all social platforms Outlook, Thunderbird, Chrome, Firefox)
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