About Us

Aryan Solutions
Aryan Solutions (earlier known as Aryan Search) was formed in 2008, with HQ in Singapore and offices across the region. We are a rapidly growing award winning company that offers Software Technology Consulting & Staffing services to top class companies, regionally and globally. We cover all areas of SOW-based project, T&M based project, Permanent, Contract and Temporary recruitment with a vertical and account driven approach allowing us to adapt and innovate to tailor for our client and candidate need alike.
Top consultant source top talent
We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the absolute best talent for our client's projects. It’s vital that we have dedicated, committed consultants who are passionate about being experts in their vertical markets. We see the importance of selecting the right consultant, training and coaching them and allowing them to be free to follow the pulse of the industry. Our consultants are given ample tooling, support and advice to ensure that they can not only source well, fast and accurately, but also have a work environment that is aimed at bringing outstanding long-term results.
Ethical, integral and candid
Our consultants are highly-trained recruitment experts, who combine leading edge IT systems with 'The Human Touch'. We're operating in the heart of the vertical markets that we specialize in, hence our role is incredibly important, a position that we respect and strive to maintain mutual trust and respect to all of our relations.
What makes us different?
Many of our customers have referenced the incredible focus, speed, passion, and persistence in how we operate, we are often told that we stand out from the rest because we know what we are doing. We are true professionals. Our depth and knowledge of the skills, trends, market climate, process and the personal relationships we create give us a confidence and platform to provide an exemplary super-efficient service that has impact and accuracy.

Normally our consultants are seen in the communities associated with the core skills, meetups, events or even blogging about the vertical they operate in. It’s important we are connected and have the touch point to a vast array of people within our domains. We are different because we care about what we do.
What do we recruit?
We recruit for all levels of staff from juniors through to senior management for projects in all sectors of industries, from Information Technology, Banking & Finance (BFSI), Entertainment & Media, Government, Hospitality, Health Care & Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunications, and Transportation & Distribution.
Why Aryan Solutions?
We are responsive, fast, professional and accurate in how we work. Our advice and expertise can allow you to focus on your core business and allow us to take on the overhead of running projects. Specialists, not generalists. Our reputation and results speak wonders - just ask around and you will soon understand why Aryan Solutions is performing so well.
Our journey continues...
From our inception to date we have achieved exceptional growth, acquired fantastic clients across the region and globally, invested enormously into a high-end technology platform totally unique to Aryan Solutions and built a profitable business that will continue to grow organically.

The journey for Aryan Solutions has only started, we will continue to build a solid reputable brand that will disrupt the industry by innovating, leading and challenging the status quo, positioning us as a thought leader and inspiration to recruiters, candidates, and clients for the next coming generation.
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